A LARGE SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR located in Toronto has a robust ECM practice and the problem they had in recruiting new ECM developers is that most of them are employed by their company as they also own the software. They had been trying to locate new resources for over 3 months with no degree of success. In fact, they had been forced to take resources off other client’s sites and paid costly overtime to deal with the overload work. Mentor received the orders and filled all 5 vacancies with resources from Mexico, USA and Canada in just one month’s time.

A GLOBAL ENGINEERING FIRM Headquartered in Thornhill was looking for a way to create a Digital Lab competency on a small scale with 10 resources dedicated to producing software solutions for their client base. But doing this in Thornhill would not work given the budget restraints and the need to ramp it up and down based on Client solution demand. Mentor provided this through their Digital Lab competency in Bangalore and they had it fully staffed in a 3 week time frame. We also kept a 20% bench of resources that were trained on the technical competencies needed so they could scale things upward at a moment’s notice.

A FOOD MANUFACTURER located in Montreal, Quebec had a Global SAP implementation being rolled out to 3 different Geographies and the needed functional experts in various SAP modules to mirror the Montreal SAP installation in Argentina and Europe. Mentor with it global recruitment capability provided contractors for these opening with 2 weeks to help with these efforts. In addition we took care of all VISA logistics necessary to fill these Job orders.

A LARGE TELECOM located in Toronto was engaged to provide a next generation Video Streaming system. The challenge was that almost no one in Canada had the expertise to implement this solution as it had not been done with any of the Canadian Telecoms to-date. Mentor found resources in Europe and USA that had done this work before and provided the SME help needed to complete this project in conjunction with the Systems Integrator they had selected that also could not provide said resources.